Health: The year 2019 starts with a healthy note, with the first quarter of the year promising total fitness. This is because you turn excessively health conscious and make extra efforts to keep fit. However, your excessive love for food and drinks may start taking its toll by the month of July. Some ailment or injury cannot be ruled out sometime in the last quarter of the year, so be careful.

Profession: Luck and your own efforts have certainly paid dividends in 2018, as regards career advancement. The year 2019 is the year of consolidation of whatever you have achieved. Those finding grass greener on the other side of the fence may decide to switch jobs. So, expect significant changes between the months of February and July. A slight dip in performance is indicated in the month of October.

Family: You uphold family values and will remain a pillar of strength to the family. On the whole, family life cruises along smoothly in 2019, but may encounter some choppy waters too! It will be important to keep in touch with those in your social circle in the third quarter of the year to help out a family youngster in achieving something important.

Romance: In relationship, you continue to blow hot and cold all throughout the year. Do not allow situations of lack of trust or suspicion control your mind. Months of April and October appear to pose challenges on the romantic front. Good period for those married commences from May to August, when something significant is likely to happen.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Colour: Blue