Health: Your health remains satisfactory in the year 2019. In fact, the first four months of the year may find you in peak physical condition. You will need to watch your step in the month of July, when you may become careless about your health. However, you will recover quickly and enjoy the last five months of the year without any problems.

Profession: You are passionate about what you do, so success will always be with you all throughout 2019. Multi-tasking may become your forte in creating more earning opportunities. Chance for a promotion or a coveted appointment is likely by the second quarter of the year. In all this, your hard work and efforts will be most evident.

Family: An elder may become instrumental in bringing stability in the family. Newlyweds are likely to strengthen their marital bonds by making conscious efforts to draw closer to each other. Watch out for any differences that may crop up in the second half of the year but it will improve gradually. So, don’t harbour any apprehensions.

Romance: For you, love is in the air for the whole of 2019! Forming a special equation with partner is indicated, which promises immense happiness and fulfilment. The eligible will manage to find a suitable mate by the third quarter of 2019. Be wary in the month of April, as someone may try to create confusion in your relationship.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Colour: Pink