Health: A balanced lifestyle promises to keep you in perfect health and fitness all throughout 2019. You will steer clear of any mental or bodily ailment and will enjoy a perfectly healthy phase, not experienced before. Taking up a sport in a serious way is indicated for some. Your positive influence and insistence will keep others around you perfectly fit.

Profession: A born leader, you believe in taking the bull by the horns in professional matters. Your never-say-die attitude and the capacity to take up all kinds of challenges will endear you to superiors and make the first-half of the year 2019 good for your career. Your tendency to overdo things threatens to affect your professional reputation adversely in the month of October, so remain guarded.

Family: Newly married will have to go through the pressure of starting their families. A chance to travel overseas is possible either in the beginning of the second quarter or latter half of the third quarter of the year. Steer clear of any misunderstandings in the month of October. Extended family may come and stay with you in the third quarter.

Romance: Your charisma is likely to prove irresistible to someone from the opposite camp in the first or third quarter of the year 2019, so expect romance to blossom! The month of April doesn’t augur well on the marital front, as your uncompromising attitude may ruffle partner’s feathers. Eligible can expect a suitable mate to walk into their lives by the end of third quarter of the year.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Colour: Yellow