Health: The ailments that afflict you presently may trouble you intermittently, but will certainly disappear by the middle of the third quarter of 2019. On the whole, no serious medical problems are foreseen, unless you become negligent. However, you need to protect yourself from minor ailments, especially in the month of July, as even minor ones can become lingering problems.

Profession: If a job switch is on your mind, 2019 is the year for you. However professionally, it may prove difficult to get the best of both the worlds – a good salary and job satisfaction. Whatever you choose will go in your favour, but make the changes before the month of July, as a professionally lean period starts after that.

Family: Family life appears most satisfying in the year 2019. Forming a special equation with life partner is on the cards and will help in forming stronger ties. Be careful in the months of June and July, as your personal likes and dislikes may create some misunderstanding with people in your social set-up. Helping out a family youngster is on the cards.

Romance: Although you remain happy in your present relationship, but someone’s unusual interest in you may become hard to resist! This is not to say that you will stray or do anything inappropriate, but you will certainly use the opportunity to pep up your romantic life! A competitor may give you a tough time on the romantic front in the month of November.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Colour: Golden Brown