Health: Health front may have its own sets of pluses and minuses. Problems pertaining to health may be as minor as pimples on the face to as grave as getting out of shape, but nothing more serious! Eating right and adopting an active lifestyle will need to be your fitness mantra for the year, if you want to maintain perfect health. Some work-related tensions may also manifest as bodily ills, so take steps to de-stress.

Profession: The year may kick start with a loaded mind but things will eventually get better with time. Those in business need to be extra cautious with documentations. Avoid conflicts or arguments of any sort with seniors especially in the third quarter of the year. A promotion or an appraisal is also in the offing in the month of October or November.

Family: Children are likely to add a feather in their cap with an achievement on the academic front. A distant relative looking for work may come and stay with you in the second quarter. A family youngster may need to be handled with patience in the months of August and September.

Romance: A potent combination of good looks, inherent charm and liveliness is likely to attract people of the opposite gender, like moths to the flame! Expect 2019 to be most romantically happening. A long-term romantic relationship may culminate in wedding. Those married will succeed in keeping the embers of passion alive.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Colour: Mustard