Health: Freedom from an ailment requiring constant monitoring is indicated by the end of the first quarter of 2019. However, you will need to exercise all precautions to prevent it from recurring. Naturopathy may appeal and may entail sacrificing the lifestyle you are used to. Nursing someone back to health is indicated.

Profession: Whatever you have managed on the professional front in the year 2018, will multiply many times over to make this year one of the best professional phases of your life! A better and well paying job is in the offing for those looking for one. An overseas job is possible in the third or last quarter of the year. Promotion comes with many perks, so rejoice!

Family: A vacation with your near and dear ones is indicated in the month of April or May. Your sharing and caring nature will keep the marital front in a blissful state. Those willing to settle abroad are likely to hear of the possibilities in the third quarter. Socially, you will be much in demand.

Romance: It is time to focus on your love life. Don’t be indifferent to partner’s needs and desires. Those singles are likely to connect with likeminded individuals in the second quarter. Last quarter of the year may require you to resurrect a flagging love life.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Colour: Saffron