Health: The first and the third quarter of 2019 seem a period of excellent health. This is because of your continued endeavour to attain perfect fitness. Seasonal changes and other factors may get you under the weather in the months of April, June and November, so be careful. Yoga and meditation may appeal to some and prove spiritually gratifying.

Profession: There is much happening on the professional front in the year 2019. Those looking for a suitable break may get their chance after a frustrating period of two months at the beginning of the year. Business persons are advised not to transact any deals in the months of February and November, as stars appear unfavourable.

Family: Solemnising the marriage of someone eligible in the family may remain topmost on your mind in the first half of 2019. But be rest assured, good news is likely by the month of August or September. Taking up a social cause is indicated for some, which may keep them gainfully employed. Marital life will remain without problems, but stars also advise to exercise control over what you say.

Romance: Paucity of time and a busy life may have direct fallout on romance in the year 2019. Those looking for love may find it, but may not be able to continue it for long. The months of June, July and August appear favourable for those romantically inclined. An overseas trip or a trip out of town with lover cannot be ruled out.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Colour: Gray