Health: The year 2019 brings good news on the health front, especially for those making efforts to lead a perfectly healthy life. Since you are sensitive to seasonal changes, more precautions are advised, especially during winter and monsoon seasons. Beware of injuries or some disease in the month of July.

Profession: Professional front remains excellent, except for the third quarter of 2019. During this lean period, you will need to keep your emotional nature in check, so as not to rub someone important the wrong way. Some special achievements are in store for you in the last quarter of the year. A position of authority may be acquired by some.

Family: Your reputation on the social front is likely to soar during most of the first half of 2019. However, you need to check superficiality in your relations with others, as they may send wrong signals. From June onwards, marital relationship may come under strain and the onus of steering it out of troubled waters will rest upon you.

Romance: Romance is assured, so expect an immensely fulfilling existence in 2019. Newlyweds and young couples are likely to enjoy closeness not experienced before. Overlooking shortcomings in partner is your mantra for a satisfying relationship. Eligible may find the third quarter most favourable. November is the month to be watched out for, as it can affect your relationship.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Colour: Lemon