Life Path 8 & Karmic number (birthday 8) 8 are here to master the art of business & money, for that is why they are ruled by Saturn, the giver of liquid wealth and assets. Even though Saturn is a planet of restriction and blockage, It gives 8 the power to learn many lessons in their life, which will not only give them the ability to withstand all kinds of storm in second part of their life, but, 8's learn the true meaning of life. 8's have to work the hardest to achieve their goals, but, they reach their goals one way or the other, and this is why the rewards are just as sweet, because 8th are all about big things. Big money, big investments, big toys, big houses, big fame, these are all the qualities of 8, because they love showing off their hard work to the world, unlike their counterpart 4 who is more shy about showing off their wealth. Just look at Donald Trump & Steve Balmer. 8 life path belong in the position of power & control.
8's home life however always suffers due to the fact they are always going after that money and material satisfaction, but 8 life path do this because they want to provide everything to their family; because they love them so much. 8's, like the 7 life path are misunderstood. However, 8 Karmic number, or birthday 8 people achieve success far earlier than 8 life path, because life path is a life long lesson, where karmic number, or birthday number 8 have the positive side of Saturn's energy, but in due time both achieve huge amount of success. There is one thing though about 8, they'll either be extremely rich, or extremely poor, never in the middle.
However, Numerology has its limits, and it can not predict in detail the timing of events, such as marriage, birth of a child, career, promotion, death, accidents, birth. This is when Vedic Astrology far exceeds the speed limit of numerology, but numerology is still important and the easiest way to find out your 'destiny'.