Gemstone / Rudraksha Analysis - Remedy Recommendation

How Does It Work ?

- First make the payment and mail / whatsapp me the birth details and all your queries to / +91 9875616382
- Once payment is done, you'll get the reply within next 2 weeks in audio/video/pdf/doc format via email. Language for audio or video will be English / Hindi / Bengali.
- We also can have telephonic/video call of max 1 hr discussing the astrological queries.
- If you still have any doubt or queries, mail me with all those withing next 1 month from the date of delivery.

Why Gemstone / Rudraksha Analysis - Remedy Recommendation ?

There are two ways of looking for the remedies in a horoscope.
- 1st One is  : Giving strength to the beneficiary planets in horoscope.
- 2nd One is : Reducing the effect of the non-beneficiary planets in horoscope.

Rudraksha can be effectful both the ways. Use of rudraksha also increase the inner power, progress, good luck, name, fame, leadership quality, wealth etc. of the wearer.

The light and the material effect of a gemstone is very much powerful. It can enhance the good effect of a planet and sometimes also cure the ill effect of a planet.

Also some other minor remedies like feeding animals, worshiping planets, chatting mantras etc.

So let know your perfect remedy in order to live a successfull life.

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