Special Service (Child Birth / Golden Time / Stock Market / Lottery / Loans / Remedy)

How Does It Work ?

- Make the payment and notify me to occultscientistsg@gmail.com or via whatsapp +91 9875616382
- Once payment is done, you'll get the reply within next 2 weeks in audio/video/pdf/doc format via email/whatsapp.
- Alternatively we can have a call of 30 minutes at mutual convenient time.

Why Special Services ?

Sometimes you may have several special queries like -

Child Birth : When will you conceive ? Is there any chance of mis-carriage ? Or any related Questions etc.
Golden Time : When will be the best or worst phase of your life arrive on Career/Finance/Marriage/Health ? What will be the ket time lines of your life ?
Stock Market : Do you have profit in stock market ? What would be the best time to work in share market ? In which sector you should work ? Should you invest for long term or intraday can suits you ? etc.
Lottery : Do you have gain in lottery ? What would be the best time frame for that? etc.
Loan : Do you have loans in your horoscope ? How and When you will be get rid of loan ? Can you get home loan or car loan ? etc.
Gemstone & Remedy : What are the best gemstone or rudraksha or remedy for you for prosperity in life ? etc.
Birth Time Rectification : If you are not sure about your exact birth time, let analyse it with Birth Time Rectification process.

----- You will get all the answers of your queries along with predictions and timelines for the various fields. Through this, you can have a roadmap of your journey for the coming days in life.

Product Name Price Order
Child Birth 500 Order Now
Golden Time 500 Order Now
Stock Market 500 Order Now
Lottery 500 Order Now
Loans 500 Order Now
Gemstone & Remedy 500 Order Now
Birth Time Rectification 500 Order Now