TRAINERS' - Training

How Does It Work ?

- Make the payment and send me birth details of upto 4 persons via email to or via whatsapp +91 9875616382
- I'll send you audio/video/pdf/doc files containing the basic learning detail of those horoscopes in next 2 weeks. Language for audio or video will be English / Hindi / Bengali.
- We'll also have 3 telephonic/video conference of max. 2 Hrs each on the same as per our convenient time schedule.
- If you have any doubt, any time throughout next 6 months, you can sent me the doubt clearing questions via mail/whatsapp, I'll sent you the reply accordingly.
Why Trainers' Training ?

Do you want to learn Astrology ? Want to be the first quick astrologer of your family & friends ? Here is the learning for you. Here I'll make you learn on how to make the horoscope & analyze it with all the basic, master & deep analysis in details. Here you will be learning many things like - analysis of various planets, their aspects, effect of various houses, lords of various houses, yogas, wealth analysis, marriage analysis, job or business probability, health condition analysis, children, Yogas, Mangalik, Sade Sati, Saturn's Dhaiya, Super Impose at the time of marriage, How to check compatibility with gun milan, Raj Yoga, Viprit Raj Yoga, how to check life span, how to know about accident, love, property, extra marital affairs  etc. More over, you will be a professional or a trainer.

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